Thursday 13 # 58

13 TV Shows that I miss or were cancelled

  1. Hat Squad

  2. Supercarriers

  3. T.J. Hooker

  4. Fraggle Rock

  5. Sex and the City

  6. Under Suspicion

  7. Chicago Hope

  8. Macgruder & Loud (sp?)

  9. Another World

  10. Designing Women

  11. Silk Stalkings

  12. NYPD Blue

  13. Blind Justice

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Pat J said…
I'm with you on Fraggle Rock, let me tell you. Uncle Travelling Matt still makes me laugh when I catch a rerun...
Nicholas said…
Some of those must have come and gone very quickly, because there are several I have never heard of!
Angie said…
Silk Stalkings! I LOVED that show. I can't believe someone else still remembers that show besides me.

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