Thursday 13 # 57

Thirteen Things I Know Nothing About

  1. The Hills

  2. Harry Potter

  3. Lord of the Rings

  4. Star Wars

  5. Star Trek

  6. Heidi & Spencer vs. Lauren

  7. Kim Kardashian

  8. Lost

  9. Jericho

  10. Flavor of Love

  11. Scientology - well I do know about silent births now. Thanks Tom!

  12. The allure of Oprah

  13. C++

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I know nothing about C++ either...though I am always intending to learn.
Malcolm: said…
I had to Google the names Heidi, Spencer, & Lauren to figure out who they were. As for the allure of Oprah, I guess that some people prefer to let others do their thinking for them.
Crystal said…
I must confess one day I got hooked on The Hills. It's a sickness I'm ashamed of, but it is what it is.

I took C++ in college. Not fun.

I can't stand Oprah.

Lost is a great show.

Happy Thursday!

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