Thursday 13 # 56

13 Questions (and answers) about my Morals & Values Beliefs

1) Is Abortion Wrong?
I believe it is different for every person. I personally believe in Everyone’s right to choose. It is not my place or any one else’s for that matter to condemn someone for a legal choice they make.

2) Is Birth Control Wrong?
I believe birth control is a responsibility one takes.

3) Do Animals Have Rights?
I don’t know that they really do. But I really believe they should! I completely support animal rights.

4) Is Drinking Alcohol Wrong?
When done responsibly and in moderation, I don’t believe it is wrong.

5) Is Having a Tattoo Wrong?
No. I have two!

6) Is Homosexuality/Bisexuality Wrong?
If that is what a person chooses, then no, I don’t believe it is wrong.

7) Is it Ever Okay to Tell a Lie?
Well, since I have told a few here and there, I don’t see a problem with it, unless your dishonesty is illegal.

8) Is Spanking Children Wrong?
Not when done in moderation. I received a couple of spankings in my day and I didn’t resent my parents, I wasn’t abused, and I did learn my lesson.

9) Is it Wrong to Skip Church Occasionally if You Dont Feel Like Going?
Who says that going to church is what makes you a good person? My dad went to church maybe a handful of times in the time he was alive and I believe that he is in a better place (heaven). Also, I am not currently attending church because I don’t get anything out of it at this point. Why should I waste precious time going through the motions. I have my conversations with God and for me that is satisfying enough.

10) Is Divorce For Reasons Other Than Adultery Wrong?
No. You cannot trap yourself or anyone in an unhappy marriage.

11) Should Women Always Wear Traditionally Feminine Clothes?
Everyone should be allowed to choose clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for every and any situation/setting.

12) Is it Wrong For Mothers to Work Outside of Home?
Absolutely NOT!

13) Should Women Primarily be Homemakers?
If that is what a woman wants to do and the family is able to support this, then wonderful for her. Same thing, if a man wants to be a homemaker, and the family needs are met, then more power to him.

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You are an incredibly reasonable person. Thanks for sharing on these issues.
~~R~~ said…
I love your list you hit the nail on the head on all of your topcs Happy TT-
Splash said…
Great list, I agree!

Re. your question, it is never too late to train a dog. Especially with the older ones, I like to use a clicker, and once they understand the clicker, I start training tricks! The first trick might be "make room for me on the sofa"! It doesn't matter, as the goal is for all the team members to have fun.

It is great for old dogs to learn new tricks. Dogs get senile too, and it's good to keep their minds active.

Email me if you need more ideas!

Splash's mom
Kendra said…
glad to see you came back to check on part 2 of what NOT to feed your dog! interesting TT post on your site as well!
Nicholas said…
The answer is no to all of them except 7 and 8. Re #3... I don't believe that animals have rights so much as I believe that humans have duties towards them, which include treating them humanely and not killing them except for food or self defense

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