Thursday 13 # 55

Thirteen random things that piss me off

  1. People who don’t respond to notes when you ask a question or provide some feedback that prompts for responses.

  2. People who use the excuse that they want to raise their kid as an excuse to be a stay at home mother. Mothers who work want to raise their kids too.

  3. People who bitch about being too poor to do things, but who won’t get off their asses to get a job and contribute to the cause when they are perfectly capable of working.

  4. Power hungry people who impede upon my work progress and make me look inept.

  5. Wal-Mart

  6. Rude neighbors who let their dogs shit on my property. They will soon find the droppings on their front porch!

  7. Same rude neighbors who pull their car forward to block my mailbox, leaving theirs easily reachable by the postman. Too bad the mailman gets their game and delivers my mail and not theirs.

  8. Tardiness. I hate when people are late!

  9. People who don’t do their job when they should and then bitch about being behind.

  10. The wireless service providers for our office Internet. I hate being down all the time!

  11. Mother’s who claim they are better mothers because they stay home with their children. It doesn’t make you better. It’s quality, not quantity. It’s not better if you are spending your entire day on the internet and letting your child sleep the day away, only paying attention to it when it hangs on to you or gets into stuff.

  12. Women who bitch about the money their husbands are spending when they don’t work. Maybe it’s an arrangement you made, I don’t know, but my mother never complained about money my father spent when he was the only one making money. They discussed things and they compromised. She didn’t get all pissy and decide to draw out the same amounts he spent to spend frivolously on herself.

  13. That I am having trouble figuring out how to modify a database to do what I need it to do without being more redundant than it already is. I inherited it, I didn’t develop it.

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Holly said…
Damn, your list pissed me off, too. Nice job.

I'm especially with you about 2, 3, 11 and 12.

Thanks for ruining my lottery high mood. :P
Anonymous said…
Great pissed off list! Check out mine -- your #8 matches my #6:

Clearly "on time" means different things to different people.
Jackie said…
Absolutely AWESOME pissed off list!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's mine....
It pisses me off when That Man (my husband) sends the kids to me to ask for stuff over and over and over. Grrr! Thanks for visiting my blog.
Splash said…
I like #13.....I once inherited a database with one PK, except it wasn't unique. Client compliant was "records are getting mixed up". Gosh, wonder why. Took me a couple of weeks to straighten out. Job security is a wonderful thing....

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Splash's mom

PS more dog photos please!
Lesley said…
It pisses me off when someone, and I suspect I know who but can't prove it, dumps their trash and empty whiskey bottles in my stream!!!

You should definitely return to sender your neighbor's dog's special deliveries!

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