Thursday 13 #53

Thirteen Things I Hate

  1. Blinkerless Cars

  2. Heat - the temperature kind, not the movie

  3. Rude neighbors

  4. Waiting too long in a restaurant before being waited on

  5. Most reality tv

  6. That we don't have three day weekends every weekend

  7. Credit cards - unfortunately at one time I loved mine nearly to death

  8. Bugs

  9. Fake people

  10. Friends who use

  11. When people don't care about doing their job right, so I have to fix it

  12. The Yankees

  13. That I don't have enough 13s to last another 53 weeks!

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Lori said…
Great list and I agree...people that dont use blinkers REALLY piss me off!! Happy TT.
You'll come up with some. Really!!! (Number thirteen).
FRIGGA said…
I'd have to agree with all of them except #13 - there's always another idea out there!
Happy TT13 - mines up at
Chris said…
Fun list, I agree about the blinkers - a pet peeve of mine as well. Happy TT.
dawn said…
#3 just happened to me last night -- we almost walked out. Can't agree on #4 - I'm a reality TV addict (currently Big Brother) and #11 happens to me all the time.
Great list
Don't worry about coming up with more 13s things just sort of come to you.
~~R~~ said…
Great list I can not stand reality tv shows & rude neighbors I have a few of those happy TT13
FRIGGA said…
I came back to let you know I posted the results of last weeks TT13 the Food Edition. It's up at if you want to take a look. :P
Anonymous said…

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hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.
Anonymous said…
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