As promised

As promised a real entry complete with pictures!
I decided last night that I needed to clean and rearrange my desk. Actually it has been on my to do list for over two weeks and I just decided last night to do it.
Here is the messy desk before

You can see all of my great stuff like my new TJ Hooker DVD, my Shrek doll, my liver mug, my Far Side calendar, my magnetic poetry board

This is it after

You can see, I moved my computer to the other side, removed half the shit that was covering the desk. I still haven't changed my calendar. It is still on July.

I am finding that I much prefer my desk this way. I have to go through my drawers and clean them out.

I have only a few things left on my to do list and I could actually get them all done tonight.

File, visit 13 thursday thirteen entries, and prepare new budget worksheets.

I cleaned half of my closet today and my bedroom. I started DVD, Music and Book collection databases. I am a nerd...

I took the pictures because I figure if I am going to think about buying a new camera, I should at least use the one I have.

A little over a month ago, I took a picture of my boys through the screen door and the flash was on. Bummer. I played a little with the contrast and brightness and leave you all with this one last pick of my boys.


Leah said…
What a great tranformation. I love the desk. Its really roomy and yes so easy to mess up. Keep up your organization going. All the best!
Kendra said…
thanks for stopping by my site. yes, next week i will have the 2nd installment of TT's what NOT to feed your dog! ;) what breed are your boys anyways?

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