Thursday 13 # 50

Thirteen Jobs I Think Would Be Totally Awesome!

Last week I wrote about jobs that I thought would totally suck. This week, I will talk about jobs that would totally rock!
  1. Police Detective - How fun would it be to solve puzzles for a living? And if it is like that show Cop Rock, where you break out in song every so often? Awesome

  2. Sign Language Teacher to Gorillas - This sounds totally cool to me. To be able to communicate with an animal using words? Could it get any better?

  3. Jet Pilot - I was convinced after seeing Top Gun 8,975 times that I wanted to be an F-14 pilot. Then I realized, that I am afraid of heights. But it would still be cool to fly one of those.

  4. Tour Guide - I think it would be fun to be a guide on Seattle's Underground City Tour.

  5. Cocktail Waitress - Don't laugh. Between the ages of about 5 to oh about 20, I thought that being a cocktail waitress in Vegas would rock my socks. The cute little outfits and the high-heeled shows? Heavenly. Alas, I have decided that I would not like to do that...but the memories remain.

  6. Bartender - It doesn't stem from the cocktail waitress desire. This came later, about 16 or 17 and I still think it would be interesting.

  7. Zoo Keeper - Not with the lions and tigers...but with something a little more docile, perhaps a monkey or penguins. Yes, I think I would like to take care of the penguins.

  8. Program Administrator - I am working towards this. I just want to be the boss and be in the know.

  9. Carpenter - I want to build things. I love to put pre-fab furniture together, so building would be fun.

  10. Singer - who doesn't want to be a singer? Granted, I am not a good one, but I would like to sing, with backup singers and dancers...which leads to...

  11. Dancer - Swing, Jazz, Pop, Salsa, they all sound and look fun!

  12. Motivational Speaker - I think it would be fun to motivate people!

  13. Writer - I love to write and I want to write the next best selling novel...and I'm working on it!

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Dana said…
I think it would be fun to be a zookeeper with penguins too!
The Rock Chick said…
We must have a lot in common because I would so love to be almost all of those things. Actually, law enforcement and musicals are two of my biggest interests and that CopRock show that combined the two was just awesome!!

I'm going to have to back out of the Jet Pilot, though. I hate flying!!

Happy TT!
Jessica The Rock Chick
I've been a bartender. I always smelled like stale beer. Not attractive. I can make a heck of a martini though.

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