Thursday 13 # 49

Thirteen Careers I Think Would Suck!

  1. Nursing - I'm not down for someone barfing on me and then having to clean it up. Thank you but no thank you.

  2. Waitress - God Love You. To remember what people ordered and then have to carry it out to them. I hate cafeteria style, so I love you all...but it's not the job for me.

  3. Underground Miner - Hey my grandfathers did it and they both were seriously injured doing it. It is not safe. I am a claustrophobic (not bad enough that if I got thrown in the pokey, I would need to be released ala Miss Hilton), so that wouldn't quite work for me.

  4. Flagger - standing in the hot sun on the highway doing nothing but turning a sign from slow down to stop? I don't think so.

  5. Golf Announcer - I would be asleep before they got to the third hole

  6. Auto Mechanic - I don't like to get dirty

  7. Bee Keeper - Ouch!

  8. Hockey player - I love hockey! Absolutely love it! But...I asked my dad once what position I would play if I played and he looked me straight in the eye and very seriously and correctly said, "It wouldn't matter, you would be in the penalty box the entire game anyway." Yeah, some dude running me into the boards and poking at me with his stick? I don't think so.

  9. Bowling Shoe Disinfector - Never mind that you would get high, that might even be a bonus, but touching shoes that have been on several hundred different people's nasty feet? Gross!

  10. Prison security guard - I've been to the state men's prison and the women's prison. I don't think you can be paid enough to put up with the bullshit of bad guys! Plus, the stories I have heard? Believe me you don't want to go there. I shudder as I think about it.

  11. Water Rights Hearing Assistant/Officer - I've done that and it does suck. You have not lived life until you have sat through a 13+ hour day of testimoney for water rights! Believe me, # 9 will look like a position with Disney!

  12. Dental Assistant - sucking blood and spit out of someone's nasty mouth while their teeth are being yanked out of their mouth? No thank you!

  13. IT Help Desk Support Assistant - Have you ever slept through an hour of your workday on purpose? I have! I was a help desk assistant. I basically answered the phone when it rang, which was once every 2.3 hours and filled out a job ticket and assigned a technician to it. I lasted a week and a half!

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Tendrils said…
NICE LIST! It made me laugh! I am right there with you on some of those!!!!
Karina said…
Great list! I could add a few more jobs to this list, but you've pretty much listed the worst of the worst!

Bowling shoes...yuck!

Happy TT!
Interesting list.Some things I agree with and some, I don't. I was in IT helpdesk. HELP!

I also owe the life of two of my boys to nurses. It's a hard job and I so admire them. I'm not cut out for it either.
mama kelly said…
Great list and a wonderful idea for a Th13 post. One of the links on my list is a "ode" to telemarketing.

Mama Kelly
The only one I'd disagree with is hockey player. I miss my playing days.

The rest... yeah, I'm there with you, all right. Especially that bit about the barf...

Happy TT!
Nicki Mann said…
I agree with you about those jobs... but I guess some people are passionate about them! (at least things like bee keeping...)

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