missing for forever

I know that I have been missing for forever, save for my Thursday Thirteen Postings! I plan to remedy that. I tend to just post to my other blog and forget all about this one, but that will change! I hope!

Work is going well...I got a promotion back in March, so I have been busy learning my new job! It is going pretty dang well! I am all alone today! Neither of the girls who I share an office with are here. Just stragglers coming and going to get their mail and make copies. It is kind of lonely, but kind of nice too. I finished what was on my to do list for today, so I am going to work on some of Monday's stuff. I am at another facility tomorrow. One that has a/c! It is so freaking hot here...

^^^^ runs to check weather.com ^^^

...and there is no end in sight! Ugh. I hate the heat!!! Seriously, I don't bitch about the cold in winter, simply so I can bitch about the heat in summer! I take cold bathes just to cool down at night before bed. I sit in front of two fans and spray water on myself. Pollens abuse my sinuses and eyes and it's no fun to wear cute clothes when you are dying of heat! I just wear tanks and shorts around the house, the least amount of clothing I can wear without showing off my wares to the neighborhood, is my summer uniform.

The 4th was quiet! Just went to the parade and the mall. Then home to take a nap and finish my book. I am on a reading tear. I have finished seven books in the last seven weeks! I haven't read seven books in an entire year since sometime in the nineties! I have rediscovered the love of reading and writing! I have started writing again too...except right now, I don't want to write, because I want to read! I have to set some ground rules!

I have three hours of work left and then it is home to read! I am trying to come up with a 13 for this week...it is hard coming up with a 13 every week! I was so lame one week that I chose my 13 favorite letters of the alphabet! Hello? WTF was I thinking?!?

Okay...well I am off to work now. I think I have an idea for my thirteen...gotta go.


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