Thursday 13 # 48

Thirteen Firsts

1. First Novel Read – Poison by Ed McBain – arguably the greatest book I have ever read.
2. First School – Tonopah Elementary – Kindergarten
3. First Broken Bone – 2nd grade, left wrist
4. First Crush – Adrian Zmed – the TJ Hooker years
5. First Kiss – Horrid…I didn’t even like the guy…shudders
6. First Surgery – Right thumb – eight sutures from a soap can lid slicing
7. First Pet – Shadow – black lab
8. First Album – Billy Joel Glass House
9. First Job – Med Records clerk
10. First Car – My mom’s hand-me-down 88 Tempo
11. First Older Man – Mark
12. First Hockey Game – Ice Pirates vs Ukraine
13. First Tattoo – Goddess – Sun/Moon/Star on left leg

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Lori said…
Man, I cant even remember what I had for dinner last night....let alone first anything;) lol...Happy TT.
Cindy Swanson said…
What a great idea for a TT...firsts!

I've got to agree with you on the first kiss. The guy kind of forced it on me, I wasn't attracted to him...eeuwww, shudders.
Linda said…
The tattoo sounds awesome.

I'm a new 13er...hello. (I love penguins.)

Sort of fun...I will probably be a tourist in Montana this summer.

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