Thursday 13 # 46

Thirteen Writing Reference Books That I Utilize or Have Utilized

1. What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers
2. Dynamic Characters
3. The Crime Writer's Reference Guide
4. The Writer's Idea Book
5. The Novelist's Notebook
6. Writing Fiction Step By Step
7. Scene of the Crime
8. Writing Mysteries
9. You Can Write a Mystery
10. Crafting Scenes
11. Creating Plot
12. Cause of Death
13. Armed & Dangerous

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impworks said…
A few great references from the writers digest in your list I've used too :-)
MommyBa said…
These titles all seem to be great references. Thanks for sharing them!

Happy Thursday!
Adelle said…
Impressive list! Happy Thurs 13 :)
Thanks for visiting my T13.

As a frustrated writer with a mystery novel sitting way on the back burner for three or four years, I have most—if not all—of the books in your excellent list!
There is a new Mystery Writing book out that my Sisters in Crime chapter read as a group (a sort of book club thing). I can't remember the title of it; I know, I'm useless. But I'm cute!

Happy writing!

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