Thursday 13 # 44

Thirteen things that annoys the driver me

People who don’t move into the passing lane to allow cars to merge

People who don’t use their signal lights when turning a corner

The bonehead who put an interstate on ramp fifteen feet from an exit.

People who drive in the passing lane and make me pass them in the driving lane.

Jackholes who pull out in front of me and make me slam on my breaks. I remember reading something about NOT impeding other drivers.

Strokes who don’t follow the rules at four way stops.

People who insist on turning a corner while talking on their cell phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

The fact that there is no minimum speed limit. Some people drive so slow that they are as dangerous as people who drive to fast.

People who let their dogs hang out the back of a pickup truck or those who let their dogs ride on an open flatbed.

People who just drive in the passing lane on the interstate

The dickwad who decided to put a weigh station on top of a hill 400 feet from an on ramp. Brilliant

Assholes who make you wait ten minutes behind them so they can park an extra five feet closer to the door.

People who wait to let fifteen people off the exit. One or two is nice, fifteen is excessive and annoying to other drivers who are pressed for time.

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Perri Nelson said…
There are some places where there's a minimum speed limit. If I recall correctly, Florida once had a minimum speed of 40mph on the freeways.

Of course that won't work in traffic congested areas.

Just about every state makes driving in the left lane illegal unless you are passing. That doesn't stop a lot of idiots though.

Great list.

Mine's at
I'm right there with ya, especially #1. Great TT post. My TT is now up too. Happy Thursday!
amy said…
Great list....Those drive me up the wall as well!
Lara Croft said…
Agree with all of those! FYI - there is a minimum speed limit, different for every state but where's a cop when you need them? LC
Nicholas said…
I think I have come across all those drivers. I'd like to mount a bazooka on the hood of my car in order to obliterate them but I suppose there is some petty, unnecessary law against that!

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