Thursday 13 # 43

13 Reasons I Don’t Like CSI Miami

1. David Caruso

2. Writing staff is atrocious

3. They solve world problems in an 8 hour shift and take a lunch break. I eat at my desk and sometimes take work home.

4. Khandi Alexander

5. Horrendous Miami Vice like attire worn by Delko and Wolfe

6. Jonathan Togo

7. Delko should have died. Although, the bullet to the brain did improve some of the acting ability of Adam Rodriguez.

8. Sicko ME molests victims

9. The skin tight pants and low cut blouses. Cover it up girls, you’re at your day job, not your evening job.

10. Eva LaRue

11. Pathetic trying-to-be-witty one-liners

12. Ray bans and Hummers

13. Rory Cochrane was smart enough to leave. I miss Speed!

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I too hate CSI Miami, pretty much just because of David Caruso. My mother and I have bets on whether he's going to end the show with his hand on his hip, taking off his glasses, or both. He tries to be Grissom and fails miserably. It's terrible.
amy said…
i think thats a good list as I have never seen it

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