Thursday 13 # 41

Thirteen of my favorite CSI Episodes

1. A Bullet Runs Through It Part 1
2. A Bullet Runs Through It Part 2
3. Burked
4. Primum Non Nocere
5. Stalker
6. Anatomy of a Lye
7. The Accused is Entitled (CMM - Yummy!)
8. A Little Murder
9. Play With Fire
10. Inside the Box
11. Fur & Loathing
12. Suckers
13. Toe Tags

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Starrlight said…
Great show!
The Rock Chick said…
I love CSI! All of them...I have to admit, I'm particularly fond of Horatio from CSI Miami. That show is just so cheesy, it makes me laugh!!!!

Happy TT!
Jessica The Rock Chick
Jeannine said…
I think I have seen them all, but I would have to google it... :-)
Happy late TT.

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