Thursday 13 # 40

Thirteen Websites I Visited This Week

1. Open Diary
3. MSN
4. Post Secret
5. Ebay
6. Amazon
7. TVGuide
8. Fan
9. Versus
10. SoapNet
11. Yahoo
12. Baby Center
13. Hotmail

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Ingrid said…
cool websites!!!
Denise Patrick said…
I try to stay off of eBay. It's addicting.
The Rock Chick said…
I love the fanfiction site!! And...I had no idea that soapnet had a site, too....i've been keeping up a little better since we got the soap opera channel, but I would love recaps! I'm going to check that out right now!

Happy TT- Jessica The Rock Chick
Nice list. So add mine, will ya? :-)
Jenny said…
Very awesome. LINKIES PLZ!! xD

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