Thursday 13 # 39

Thirteen Things I Can't Live Without

1. The standard, air, water, foodd
2. Ctrl+Alt+Delete
3. Television
4. Music
5. Books
6. Dr. Pepper
7. Animals (except cats)
8. Love
9. Chinese Food
10. Internet/Email
11. Work
12. Family
13. Gossip Magazines

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L^2 said…
LOL Ctrl+Alt+Delete! I used to not be able to live without that either, but thankfully I haven't needed it nearly so much with the new computer. :-)
Great list. Happy TT!
Starrlight said…
13 is my secret vice as well! Happy TT, mine is up too!
ravaj said…
i just don't get what people see/taste in dr pepper. my late father loved it also. it doesn't really exist in england, and i rarely see anyone in the states drinking it. is this some kind of secret fellowship?

happy tt
Domestic Geek said…
That would be my list except for 2, 6 & 13. Great list!
amy said…
This is a great, may have to use it! the internet is so addicting

Amys Random Thoughts is having a blogging scavenger hunt starting May 1st. Details announced today. Would to have you participate
Xilly said…
TT #39. You are such a royal writer to TT. I hope that I can continue like you! :P
Anonymous said…
I am so with you on #2!

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