Thursday 13 # 38

Thirteen Snacks I Love

Wavy Lays & Dill Pickle Dip
Heath Klondikes
Burnt Peanuts
Cottage Cheese
Popcorn & Ice Cream
Slushy Powerade
Corn Pops
Nature Nut Mi
Warm Delights

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Di said…
It's a good thing I read that just after dinner!
BecK said…
Oh yumyumyum!!
Burnt peanut? Really? never tried those...interesting!

great TT! said…
Good snacks!!! I just had some cottage cheese and strawberries while I try to catch up on TT's this morning.
amy said…
Yummy list..I have not had pistachios in a long time
I love Heath Klondikes! Man, I'm hungry now, I may have to go to the store to get some. Great TT list. Happy Friday!

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