Thursday 13 # 37

Thirteen Cool Tattoo Ideas

1. Butterfly with eyes in the wings
2. Dragon head silhouette w/green eye (I just got this last night)
3. Star/Sun/Moon with a face and chineese lettering (I got this 4 years ago)
4. Star w/eye
5. Ghost horses running out of waves (saw this on Miami Ink)
6. Pair of hands holding a heart (like a real heart) (saw this on Miami Ink)
7. Dagger
8. Cityscape (saw this on Miami Ink)
9. Angel wings
10. Dragonfly
11. Moon
12. Lyrics/Poems that have special meaning
13. Certain flowers

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Ooh, I'd love to see pictures of some of that art!

Happy TT!
Nicholas said…
Intersting list! Now I need to ponder which one to get for my very first tattoo!
Jenny said…
I like the butterfly idea. But I'm too chicken to try and even get a tattoo. xD
Kimo & Sabi said…
Michelle Wun said…
Good idea. But I am not dare to try! :P

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