Thursday 13 # 36

Thirteen Songs and the Memories They Hold

1. Stay With Me Tonight - the made for tv movie Lady Killers
2. Conga - Wyoming and the made for tv movie Club Med
3. Cover Girl - trip to Vegas with Mom, Dad and Dawn in the car driving at 3:30 a.m. after our night in Utah. I spilled Hawaian Punch on my tank.
4. Calloway - single cassette purchased on our Vegas trip
5. Pop Muzik - it was recorded onto a cassette with some Donna Summer and other late 70s tunes
6. Sister Christian - now it reminds me of Boogie Nights, but I still love it
7. Bop - Dad
8. Venus - Dawn
9. Friends and Lovers - Days of Our Lives
10. Xanadu - Dawn and I danced to this song...memorable for sure
11. I Love Rock and Roll - my very first cassette that was mine and not my sisters. She got it for me for christmas and it had an orange scratch and sniff sticker on it.
12. Warrior - Shirley Muldowney (sp) story. My sister used to crank this song and I was usually in my parents bedroom watching the SM movie
13. Greased Lightnin' - the greatest movie ever made

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Ctina said…
Is the Cover Girl you're referring to the one by New Kids on the Block? Because if so...yeeeaaa!
amy said…
I love lists like this..I love hearing a song and I go back in time to where I was listening to it years ago..Great music
Anonymous said…
Great list...I haven't thought of those songs in years.
Tink said…
Wonderful idea for a list, I might steal it for a future TT. ;-)
My TT is about oracle decks I own.

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