Thursday 13 # 35

Thirteen Television Shows I Don't Watch

1. Lost
2. Survivor
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. That 70s show (yes I know the series is over...but I still don't watch it)
5. Grey's Anatomy
6. Shark
7. American Idol
8. The Unit
9. Ugly Betty
10. The Old Adventures of New Christine
11. The Apprentice
12. Deal or No Deal
13. CBS News with Katie Couric

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Vader's Mom said…
I don't watch any of those either!
Christine said…
Of the ones you listed, we watch grey's anatomy, the unit and ugly betty.

I am all about words that begin with the letter z this week.
amy said…
I watch 1-2-3-7 and trying to catch up number 5. Great list..YOur mentally healthy
FRIGGA said…
I'm with you, I don't watch any of those, some of them I never even heard of before. My TT is up at
I admit I watch Lost and Gray's Anatomy. I never watch Idol or Survivor. Other shows I have never gotten into include CSI or Law and Order. Great TT list. Happy Friday.

My TT list is up also.
Malinda777 said…
Funny...I don't watch ANY of those either :)

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