Thursday 13 # 34

Thirteen Movie Plots - from the Movie Plot Generator Book

  1. A gangsta rapper coachs a hapless girls littel league baseball team set against the backdrop of a Florida retirement community

  2. A group of orthodox rabbis become immeresed in hip-hop culture in this documentary narrated by James Earl Jones.

  3. A retarded boy commands a fleet of star-ships agains a horde of insectoid aliens deep in the compton ghetto

  4. A ruthless mafia kingpin invades Poland in this heartwarming animated adventure

  5. A group of cantankerous senior citizens try to lose their virginity in a beat-up Buick.

  6. Bigfoot competes in gritty inner-city street basketball tournaments in the inspiring story loosely adapted from the bible.

  7. A burned out hippie battles problem flatulenc in a Vietnamese prison camp.

  8. Three naughty nurses are on the run from the mob with a magica talking bong, in this stoner cult classic

  9. An ancient and powerful wizard gets transformed into a gorgeous sexpot with the help of the ghost of Elvis.

  10. A single mom hits the karaoke circuit in the heart of amish country.

  11. A cop who doesn't play by the rules takes on an army of evil ninjas with the help of former tennis great Ivan Lendl (based on a true story)

  12. A crackhead travels though time with a wise-cracking robot.

  13. A flamboyantly gay hairdresser becomes a pimp set to an all-star 80's soundtrack featuring Air Supply, Journey, and Survivor.

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amy said…
i just laughed out loud, hope that was ok!thanks for posting today
I wonder if any of those plots could sell... probably in Hollywood!

Great thoughts for a TT. Have a great week!
loretta said…
LOL very cool thirteen :)
Kathy said…
I think I've seen some of these ideas on actual celluloid! Hollywood will do anything! Remember the Sundance Film Festival this year?
Good list....hmmmm...some ideas for my own screenplays maybe. Thanks!
OMG ROFLMAO!!! That's really funny. Thanks for the great read and happy T13ing!!
jean said…
That list was absolutely hilarious. Thanks for lightening my day.

Best wishes - have a great week

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