Thursday 13 # 32

Thirteen situations I have put my characters through

1. Dagney Warren – held hostage and shot while 8 ½ months pregnant.
2. Addison James – husband murdered helping out a friend
3. Carrington James-Anderwall – husband killed in their home by a jealous lover…a jealous male lover.
4. David Castadoras – watched his brother kill a police officer and has kept the secret for over 30 years
5. Hadley McKoy – her fiancé said someone else’s name during their wedding vows
6. Michael Vincent – brother put in prison for murdering a drug dealer and cop – he didn’t do it.
7. Addison James - beaten and raped at a crime scene by a cop.
8. Emma Connor – boating accident that left her with hand tremors – she’s a surgeon
9. Hector Rado – murdered by cop after it was discovered he killed her husband
10. Hadley McKoy – watched her new husband go back to his presumed dead ex
11. Huxley Wells – will steal evidence that is eventually tied to a prison break
12. Kate Langley – forced to stab her new boyfriend, an ex-con, when he tries to strangle her
13. Michael Emery – committed suicide after the building he designed and oversaw was structurally unsound and collapsed, killing 83 people.

FYI – I write police procedurals so I always have something grisly going on. These are more mainstream characters than bit players, if you will. I have an active imagination.

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Factor 10 said…
Wow! There's some serious action going on in those plot twists! I wish I had the ability to follow a story from start to finish--I fall in love with characters, but never flesh them out, and another story remains untold... I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to projects.
The Rock Chick said…
Wow-that Addison James has had it rough! Your stories sound great. I've loved crime and mystery stories since I picked up my frist Nancy Drew book many years ago. Great list and great character names!!!!!! Happy TT- Jessica

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