Thursday 13 # 30

Thirteen Random Songs on my MP3 Player

Since I have over 1500 songs on my MP3, I thought I would revisit this 13 with 13 new songs…

Afraid- Nelly Furtado
Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne
Perfect Way – Scritti Politti
DMSR – Prince
The Dragon – Gowan
All Good Things – Nelly Furtado
My Eyes Adored You – Frankie Valli
So Sick – NeYo
Number One in Heaven – Nemesis
Stay the Night – Chicago
Black Cat – Janet Jackson
I Want Your Sex – George Michael
I’m With You – Avril Lavigne

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jdoriot said…
DMSR..Oh man! I haven't heard that in ages! lol!! Neat list..thanks for sharing!!
Stacie said…
I love some of those...especially Prince...I need to listen to some Avril I think I'd like her...
Great list...I played too
Dangerously Simple said…
we are just getting into the MP3 thing... I just bought one for my DH with Jack Skellington on it. He's gonna love it. I can't wait to see him with it. he's gonna be in heaven LOL!!

Happy T13 :)

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