Thursday 13 # 24

Thirteen Presents I Gave This Christmas

1. Cars cars
2. Chicken Sox books
3. Lottery Tickets
4. Nightgown & Bathrobe
5. Clothes
6. Homemade Scrapbook Calendar & Movie
7. Slippers, Earrings & Bear
8. Purse
9. Books, Crossword Puzzles, Dictionary
10. Quilt Set
11. Photo coasters
12. Sweats & T Shirt
13. Ornaments


JohnH985 said…
Some nice gifts.

My 13 is up.
Cheryl said…
A nice assortment. I bet the homemade gift was the best!
she said…
The scrapbook and calendar gift sounds awesome.
Raggedy said…
Those are some nice gifts.
I really want a quilt.
Have a wonderful day.
Happy New Year

My TT is posted

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