It is super lame...

Sunday is coming to a close and I didn’t get done all that I wanted to. I got a lot done, but I wanted to do more. I didn’t get my room picked up and that really sucks. I will see what tomorrow night is like. Otherwise, it will probably wait until at least Friday night or the weekend. I spent over 3 hours working on this week’s class. That is good. Because if there is a lot to go over, then it will take longer than last week’s class.

I bought a couple of shirts and a jacket today. A couple of them are springy/summery, but the jacket, well sweater really, is long, black with ivory edging and then a matching tank. It is super cute. I can’t decide if I want to wear it tomorrow or wait until later in the week. I picked up a couple of tanks with shelf bras, not that that really helps, I still need an over the shoulder boulder holder. And a button up top that I will wear as a jacket. I want to wear that this week, but I don’t know what shoes will work with it. I have a pair of pants, but the shoes are still a mystery because I don’t want to wear black and I can’t wear sandals yet.

Right now I am watching Days of Our Lives on SoapNet. It is super lame and the acting super sucks, but it is better than watching The Apprentice.

I still have a ton of energy and want to do so much. I should format the handout for this week and get started on the hands on and demo, but I figure I can do those on my down time at work tomorrow. I want to have everything done by tomorrow night, so that I am not rushing to get it done.

Okay, I am done thinking about class now. I also want to write. I don’t know what I want to write, but I want to write something. I have to get some prompts done for this week. Doesn’t look like any of my faves updated today, so I don’t have to worry about that. I do need to look at some other sites though.

Enough, I have to get working on my mountainous list.


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