I am going to dedicate a paragraph to...

My head still feels funny. Usually when my head feels funny it is because I didn’t take my medicine, but I took my medicine and my head still feels kind of funny and it makes my stomach feel funny too. Oh well…I’ll be going to bed in about 3 or 3 ½ hours anyway.

This was a super boring day. It wasn’t as long as it could have been…but it was boring. I didn’t have a whole lot going on today. I will have something maybe tomorrow afternoon and if not, then definitely on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will probably just work on some stuff for class. I got my calendar caught up today and pretty much everything else I had to do.

I am getting ready to watch 24 in about an hour, so I am doing all my computer stuff now and charging my MP3. I have to upload some new music to it and then reset my quicklist. I didn’t charge it over the weekend and so I couldn’t listen to it at work today…that sucked because our internet is flaky, I couldn’t get the radio to stay streaming…

I guess if I am going to dedicate a paragraph to my MP3 player, I don’t have much to write about…so I am going to go read and write.


Little Old Liz said…
Lady P -
I find that in any *and all * situations, the answer is CHOCOLATE. Head hurts? Chocolate. Tummy ache? CHOCOLATE. No time for breakfast? CHOCOLATE! See? It works *every* time!
Thanks for leaving me a comment on my Blog ;-)

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