Thursday 13 # 23

Thirteen Gifts I got for Christmas

Bee Gees purse
Jack Vetriano framed print
Dansko shoes
Mary jane crocs
Wooden purse w/handmade prayer beads
Handmade cup by Mattias
Handmade saucer by Niklas
Two rings and a watch
Farside calendar
Thebus leaf sculpture
Lottery tickets
Two shirts


becky said…
Hope your lotto tickets are worth something! :) Happy TT & have a blessed new year!
Teena said…
LOoks liek you did well!

My TT13 is up :)
suki said…
:) Great gifts. Have a happy new year!
Bubba said…
A Bee Gees purse? Even as a guy I'm curious as to what a Bee Gees purse would look like...

Happy TT...and Happy New Year!
Jenny Ryan said…
Wow=sounds like Santa was really good to you this year :)

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