Thursday 13 # 18

Thirteen Songs I am Removing From My MP3 Player

  1. I want to see your pussy – Lords of Acid
  2. Dance, Dance (the blank version)
  3. 3 of the 5 copies of Every Time We Touch
  4. Oh Carolina
  5. Time After Time – the acoustic version
  6. Rave On (techno)
  7. Heaven is an orgasm
  8. I hear the bells
  9. Buffalo stance
  10. Everything I do…
  11. Unfaithful mix
  12. Temperature
  13. Gimme some lovin’


s@m said…
I hate when I get duplicate copies on mine too.

Happy TT
Tug said…
That's a lot of removing...are they ALL dupes?

Happy TT!
Jenny Ryan said…
Good idea :)
Anonymous said…
Busy Busy!!

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