Thursday 13 #18

Thirteen Reasons I Need 4 More Hours Today
  1. I need to write nearly 3000 words to make up for yesterday and today
  2. I need to spend time with Maribel
  3. We had a staff meeting at work and I didn’t get to plot anything
  4. I got my movie in the mail and I want to watch it
  5. I filmed Hangin’ with the Homeboys this morning and want to watch it
  6. I went gambling when I didn’t really want to
  7. Instead of just bringing home some food I insisted we go out to dinner
  8. I don’t think I will get anything done at work tomorrow
  9. I took Saturday and Sunday off from writing when I should have written at least 4000 words each day
  10. I am too determined to just give up on NaNo right now
  11. I spent more time being nosey than doing work
  12. Dick is being a prick and playing petty games
  13. I won’t just stay up and do what I want/need to do…I’ll just go to bed


Titanium said…
I did NaNoWriMo last year. It's a lot of work! This year, I'm not participating since I'm moving at the end of the month.

Good luck!
Shoshana said…
I could use more sleep every day...but I don't think I'm having any since I started having kids 9 years ago!
Anonymous said…
Four more hours in the day would be nice!

Good luck with your novel for NaNoWriMo.

Happy T13. :)
amy said…
Those are all good things..I need to learn about this NaNaWriMo

Have a productive day!

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