Thursday 13 # 13

13 Memorable Materialistic Gifts

  1. Barbie Dream house – my dad spent all day putting it together. I cried.
  2. Poison by Ed McBain – The book that got me started on Ed. My mom gave it to me one day when I was home sick. I couldn’t put it down.
  3. IBM Computer – I came home and found it in boxes and couldn’t wait to set it up.
  4. Joan Jett Tape – my sister bought it for me for Christmas and it had an orange scratch and sniff sticker on the wrapping paper.
  5. First camera – I got it for Christmas the year we watched Miracle on 34th Street and could open one present per commercial.
  6. Oliver – my first dog that quickly became Mom and Dad’s dog. What a cutie.
  7. First CD player – I got it for my birthday and the first CD I bought was the Singles soundtrack.
  8. Cabbage Patch Kids – my first one was backordered and it just happened to come in on my birthday. My second was the camera Christmas.
  9. Handmade Sister Quilt – the first handmade full size (twin size) quilt my sister made by all by hand. It was for graduation.
  10. Mommy Quilt – my second one. My mom made my sister’s first and mine came along eventually. I have both and cannot be without one at night.
  11. First tea set – I remember opening in on Christmas morning…we open everything on Christmas Eve…but Mom put some out on Christmas morning.
  12. The Tempo – my first car. My parents went to buy a new tv and came home with a new car for Mom, so I got the first blue penguin.
  13. Blue Lava Lamp – I remember that the tag said “To Heather From Dad”, not Mom & Dad, just Dad.


amy said…
I need to do one of those..That was a great post
tiggerprr said…
what a nice list! Sounds like some wonderful memories :)

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