Thursday 13 # 9

Thirteen Things I Like About Myself

My pug nose
My sense of humor & quick wit
My boobs – they are all natural
That people like to talk to me and vent to me
My education
My creativity
My heritage
My hair
My intellect
My morals & work ethic (even though I am doing this at work)
My uniqueness
My ears
My lips

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Brony said…
Love your list. Thanks for sharing. It's great to see that you like being an individual.

Boobs, hum. I never thought of that. I like that when I gained wieght they got big. I hate that as I lose wieght they are getting small.
Tracie said…
Great list (especially #11!)

Mine is up!
MommyBa said…
Wonderful list!!! Love it!

Have a great weekend!

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