an erotic romance

Once again, I don't feel like I accomplished anything this weekend. Unless you count running up my credit card as something. Well not entirely true...I cleaned out my closet. The only reason I did that was because I bought new clothes and needed a place to put them. I had such high hopes for this weekend too. I was going to dust and clean my bedroom, clean my bathroom, file, get my budget done for this week's paycheck, organize my work stuff, get some writing done. I still have a little bit of time left, I guess I could do something. Maybe I will get my work stuff organized and ready for tomorrow. I was going to do my confirmations yesterday, but I don't have the phone numbers because, against my first instincts, didn't bring my rolodex home.

I ordered two books off of amazon on Friday. The one I found at Barnes & Noble when we went to Missoula, but I didn't buy it. I had hoped to find it at Hastings...but wasn't too surprised when they didn't have it. After all it is an erotic romance. I wish I would have remembered when I was at amazon to look for the postsecret book. I would have looked in Missoula, but I didn't go with a book list in mind. I wasn't even sure we would go there. Oh yeah...we went to Missoula on Friday. That's where I bought all my clothes.

Found out Thursday that I am going to go to Missoula again later this month for the MCA conference. It will be a new experience because I have to share a room with someone other than my family. I think it will be okay. Kathy seems nice enough.

I have to make a decision soon if I am going to do this whole novel thing. I want to, but so far, I am not feeling the idea like I should be. It seems like there is another story in my head but it is afraid to come out. Time will tell


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