an entry about today

If you think this is going to be an entry about today, you are so wrong. This is going to be an entry about today. I think that I may have figured out why I get so pissy in the mornings when I get to work. I am used to being the first person in the office. I get myself organized for the day ahead and prepare myself for people. When I get to work now, people just come at me with stuff before I even get signed in. It pisses me off. I need 15 minutes to get myself together. At least let me put my bags down!

I guess I don’t have a lot to say. Started a couple of new journals (weight loss and writing). I got almost everything on my to do list done…with the exception of exercise. Maybe tomorrow…maybe not…it just depends.

I am still waiting to get my car back. It has been a week! I miss him. Apparently it is the alternator, even though they insisted that it wasn’t. There is some sort of short in it and it is draining my battery. Now, I don’t think that I should have to pay anything, because I bought the damn thing from them and they installed it. But, I know that I will have to pay something…or rather charge something.

Some people at work found my myspace site. Not exactly what I wanted, but then again, I put it out there and I wasn’t too original with my handle, using my personalized plates. It’s not as if it is that exciting. I have three friends and one of them comes with signing up. Theresa is my other friend and then some other dude who wanted to be my friend. I think he might just be full of himself and wants to have a friends list of all chicks…if only he knew I am not some sort of slut. On the flipside of having co-workers find my site…I found a dude I went to school with who has totally lied on his space and left out the fact that even though he is married, he is gayer than a three dollar bill, and he lists “someday” in the having children section…his deluded wife has popped out two, premature, very expensive Medicaid children. I also found my cousin’s wife’s site, one co-worker, but that doesn’t really count because he told us about it.

I should be writing now, but I am going to go read my erotic romance, which is basically porn with cheesy life vignettes interspersed.


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