...victory red...

I felt so girly and flirty and sexy and pretty today. I love when I plan an outfit in my head and it turns out to be just right. It was a good day.

I took my car into the shop to get it fixed tonight…it can’t come back soon enough. Seriously, this rental is cheaped out. It is a 2007 Chevy Cobalt, victory red, no power windows, no power doors, no cruise control. WTF? I rely heavily on my cruise control. I set it at the top of the hill and take it off a mile before my exit. This means that I will have to monitor and control my speed. The only thing this car has going for it is that it has signal lights and a pretty good engine…I think. Other than that, I may as well be Fred Fucking Flintstone. In 2007 they are still making hand crank windows in cars? Are you fucking kidding me? Unbelievable. I came so close to turning around and saying…give me the PT Cruiser.

I still haven’t come up with a suppose. I am supposed to work on that tonight. So, I am trying to get as much of my to do list done now, so that I can watch the Closer and then shower and then maybe figure out a suppose. It is stressing me out. It is not supposed to stress me out. UGH!

Oh, by the by, for whomever is reading this, I am discontinuing the Random Plot Generator. One, there was no response to it, and two, I don’t feel like being that creative every Sunday on top of trying to write a novel. I had an idea to replace it with something else, but I didn’t write it down, and now I can’t remember what it was.


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