Thursday 13 # 7

Thirteen Random Images on My Computer


Cindy said…
What a great idea for a TT! Can I brazenly steal it sometime?

Hope you'll visit my TT when you get a moment!
Julie said…
Interesting collection of photos! Is that Adrian Zmed in the fourth one?
Lady Penguin said…
It is Adrian Zmed. I think he is pretty dreamy, I thought so 20+ years ago and I still think so. My first celebrity crush!
Raggedy said…
Great pictures although some are kinda skeery..
Great TT
My TT is up
Have a wonderful day!
YummY! said…
You have interesting images for sure. Looks like some of the stuff I might have.

Speaking of which...I might have to steal this idea for furute thursdays.
Trish said…
What a cool and interesting TT! Very eclectic assortment. :)

Thanks for visiting my TT!
Jenny Ryan said…
I love Shrek!

Chickens mooing to a blind man=AWESOME!

I SO want a "no whining" sign to put up for my tutoring students.
anneberit said…
:D 2 and 6 made me smile; 12 made me think about the day, three years ago, when I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge!

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