Thursday 13 #5

Thirteen Things That Pissed Me Off This Week

It being implied that I might steal someone’s idea for a novel, for simply putting together information from public emails/posts into a condensed, readable format.

The rental car not having power windows, power doors, cruise control.

Getting group assignment sheets for every person in someone’s group because she thinks she’s important and is to fucking stupid to get updated rosters.

Skanky people who spend their time in the boss’ office kissing ass and other things.

That #1 made me go to bed angry, wake up angry and put me in a crabby mood for the entire next day.

That I couldn’t come up with a decent suppose.

That my car wasn’t ready when they told me it would be. I miss my cruise control.

That people start rumors and believe things without having correct information.


The asshole who pulled out in front of me on the highway and made me brake.

That I paid $5.00 to watch a movie that wasn’t very good and that I will have to shell out another $3.50 for when it comes out on video just so I can hear what they said.

That it was $.07 a copy at Staples and my copies didn’t come out in order.

That there is no decent television programs this summer.

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Julie said…
Sorry that you had such a bad week. Hope next week will go better for you!
The Merry Rose said…
ouch - not nice. hope the weekend is better.
Wolfbernz said…
Wow! Maybe next week will be much Better!

My TT is up!

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