Thursday 13 #4

Thirteen Television Shows I Watch(ed) Faithfully

1. TJ Hooker

2. CSI

3. The Hat Squad

4. VH1 - I Love the 80's, 90's, etc

5. Closer

6. Macruder & Loud

7. E/R (not ER)

8. Three's Company

9. Miami Vice

10. St. Elsewhere

11. Sex and the City

12. Entourage

13. NCIS

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KarenW said…
I used to watch Three's Company.....a long time ago! I don't have much time for TV now. Maybe if I didn't blog.....

Great TT. Mine is up!
Raggedy said…
Good list!
I am in the dark because I don't watch television...

My TT is up
Karen said…
CSI...always a good one. Three's Company! I used to watch that all the time. I think it used to be on Nick and Nite too...
My TT is up!
MInTheGap said…
NCIS and not JAG? What about Monk, Bones or Psyche? 24?

My TT is Up!
Jenny Ryan said…
Ah, Gibbs,...Tony,...Tuesdays are so wonderful! Jenny, a TT newbie :)
kelli said…
I'm with you on 2 and 13! Those are my favorites, but I also like to watch reruns of Rosanne and The Cosby Show!

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