I have no plans

The weekend is here and I have no plans. Well that’s not entirely true. I may get my office/gym back. I am trying to decide if I want to have a bedroom and an office or if I want to keep living like I am in a studio apartment. Right now, I don’t have the tv on and I feel like I could write for hours. Next week, however I might have the tv on and be more into that then into my writing. Of course, right now, I just want to get this over with and go read. I feel so motivated to start writing that I just want to read the book and get caught up with everyone else. But then, I have all these tasks that I am supposed to complete and I feel guilty snuggling on the bed reading.

Work was good. Another quiet Friday. I wish all days were like today. I would never be behind and the db might be on the server.

I didn’t do anything but email and my Thursday 13 last night. We went out to find a UPS drop box because I didn’t like the vest I got from LL Bean and after that we made a surprise on me trip to Walmart to get an indoor kennel. Now we need to make another trip to get another one. Then we stopped at the mall and then I put the kennel together. So…I didn’t get much of my tasks done last night and I didn’t make a task minder for tonight. I am punting.

Well, I am going to go make my bed and read my glorious books.


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