I give advice, so I have to take it

Fire fire everywhere. I have my bedroom window open with the fan in and the smoke is almost overwhelming. You would think the forest fires were in our backyard instead of 80+ miles away. This is typical August for Montana though.

Work was okay. I am still a little pissed with Kim. I just wish she could do her job and do it right, so that I don’t have to pick up the slack. Well, I should say so that I didn’t have to pick up the slack, because I am not doing it anymore. I did it for last week’s progress reports, but I don’t have time to do it anymore. I barely have time to put in the reports, let alone add up the scores.

I put in for a different job with the company. I might get an interview out of it…a big might. But that will be about all. I did it because I am interested in the job and think that I would totally kick ass in it, and because I give advice, so I have to take it. I tell Billie Jo all the time that she should put in for jobs because it shows she is interested in advancing, so I thought I better take my own advice. The job pays twice what I make now and requires a ton of OT and travel. Of course you don’t get paid for OT because it is salaried…but it would be an awesome advancement. If only this was the change the psychic was talking about. If it turns out to be, I will definitely go back to the freak.

The weekend was quiet. I only lost one pound, which I half expected, but it is still a loss. I didn’t do much…except I finished my lead character sketch. Now, I can get started on part four.


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