I find it highly annoying and childish

I sometimes think that I am odd or just too…I don’t even know the word for it. What brought this on? I find some things to just be too annoying, to grating on my nerves. For example, in my writing group, there is a person who has something she calls a silent voice and what others might call personality. She signs her name and then something descriptive (the confused SV). I don’t know why but I find it highly annoying and childish. I think that it would have been something I would have done in my 20s but then after seeing it show up a few times in emails, would have found it to be stupid and would have discontinued it. I did something sort of similar, I used to sign things Iggy. Why Iggy? It was cute. I don’t have any cute nicknames that people call me. I get pissed when people shorten my name to Heath. I mentally have to add the er. I tried changing my name once to Ann. There is even evidence of this…I made my mom a plate for mother’s day and signed, right on the plate, “love Ann”. Even when playing make believe, I had to have a cute name. But, I am older now and I don’t do that anymore. I don’t even really pick out names for children. I do pick out names for my characters, but even that has become increasingly difficult. Tonight, to decide on a name, I put them into a hat and had to draw some out.

Wow, this has taken an entirely different slant than originally planned. Oh well, that’s my prerogative.

So the weekend is over and I have a little more to show for it than usual. I replaced all the knobs on my dressers so now they match and have a little more pizzazz. I moved one dresser back into my room and the big tv cabinet out. The tv corner is brighter and I uncovered a picture I almost forgot about. I read my magazines, got a new shirt and jacket, gained a pound, and dusted my bedroom. I also set my self up for a let down. I made the mistake of looking at the program powerpoints and found out that most of the program administrators make less than the job I applied for, which probably means some of them applied for it and I don’t stand a chance. Not that I stood much of one before. I have decided that if I get an interview and they say, “Why should we hire you”, I am going to respond, “I know I can do the job well and I just need an opportunity to prove myself.” Or something along those lines. I am almost looking forward to tomorrow because it will be like a Friday without Tom and Brian. It also means that Scott and Pete will be jockeying for position as to who gets to be the supervisor. Note: I almost used first initials instead of their real names because for some reason, I thought that someone I know might actually read this. I don’t even think the people I work with know that blogs exist.

I have to work on my opposition and other character sheets this week. I changed my lead character. I just had the hardest time this week trying to get behind my original choice. It didn’t work, so I spent over three hours trying to find the perfect person. I can link people to each other like magic now. I can’t believe I spent over three hours on imdb.com. What a colossal waste of time. Maybe not, I finally found the right person…I just can’t remember how. I even gave her a cute name…

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