But sadly they have

How exciting! I got my books today. Not just my writing book, but my Ed McBain book. In case anyone is wondering, I am one of the biggest Ed McBain fans out there. I dedicated a lot of money and time to tracking down every single 87th Precinct book a few years ago. I can read them over and over again. I never want them to end. But sadly they have. Ed died last year. This new book, Learning to Kill, is a compilation of his early short stories and other pieces.

I had a super great day at work too. Nothing thrilling happened, I just was able to get the stats for July done and I did a couple new reports. George and Bob really liked the write up/incident report summary that I did. Now, I will do those every two weeks and a monthly summary. 71% of our write ups were written warnings and a good portion of those were Failure to stand for count, which if becomes an actual write up can send a guy straight to prison. I also got to tour the juvenile facility. It actually made me quite jealous. Our facility is a shit hole, which we have known from day one, but after seeing the juvi facility, makes it look like a shit hole’s shit hole.

Tonight, I am going to read! Go figure. Now I just need to find my book light so I can read in bead without lighting up the whole room. I used to know where everything was…and then we cleaned out the back room so we Mom could paint…so now I can’t find anything.


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