Where is it?

So I was thinking a lot about my last job today. Actually just on the ride home, but still I thought about it most of the way home. Then I thought about how a year ago, I was jobless and sitting at home watching soap operas all day doing basically nothing. I think the construction on the drive home took me back to my long commute with the last job. This commute is so much easier, no curves, one pass that basically amounts to ¼ of the major pass on the old commute was an hour each way, two hours out of my day, plus that hour that they call lunch, but in reality was just letting you out of the building on a long leash. This job? Twenty minute commute each way, 8-4, paid and provided lunch. Sure there is no air conditioning and today I was almost sticking to my chair because it is so freaking hot. And, yeah there are bugs, big dragon flies, that for the most part keep to themselves, and moths, which I am enormously afraid of. And yesterday there was a bat, and a bee. But, 8 hours of that is so much better than the last job. All that, plus I get to do something that I really do love.

I am so freaking impatient. I ordered a dvd last week and I still haven’t gotten it yet. I ordered the dvd and a book and the book came yesterday. Like I really need either. The video I can’t find anywhere to rent, so I had to buy it. The book is of Jack Vetriano’s paintings.

Two days in a row now, I have exercised, so I am proud of myself for that. Doesn’t take much to make me happy.


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