There is no reward to taking a vacation

I am fairly certain that, when looking at an online baby announcement, when you see the baby your reaction is not supposed to be a shudder, followed by “Oh, Jesus Christ!” Yet, that was my reaction when seeing little Mylee.

There is no reward to taking a vacation. You know the term “Mountain of Paperwork”? I hate that freaking term, because, I mean really, who has a mountain of paper work? Yeah. I did. Seriously, I had a mountain of binders on my guest chair, paperwork stacked about six inches high and I am missing some progress reports. It took me all day to get through last Thursday. Tomorrow, I have to do Friday and Monday, plus try to squeeze in tomorrow itself. I would like to take Cari and strangle her. She scheduled nine fucking people to come in tonight. We don’t have room for five! Let alone that today is the last day of the month, which means tomorrow is the first day of the month. On the first day of the month, the bill needs to be done for DOC. That means that I have to have all of my reports in. Monty got the number wideled down to 6. 6! It’s almost as bad as 9! I have to go in first thing, do my Pop Report then enter 6 fuckers into the db so that I can email the reports to Kim. Ugh!

I started my new schedule today. So far, so good. Of course it helped that I was done with dinner by 5 o’clock. Actually that gave me time to put my new license plates on, fix Mom’s table and check my email, which according to the schedule is to begin in 24 minutes. It also helped that I got up ½ hour early to exercise. Actually I am supposed to be exercising right now too…but baby steps. I figure, Tuesday and Thursday I will do two work outs, abs and cardio. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will do cardio in the morning. It’s a plan.

I did something stupid. Which isn’t new, but yet it is. I ordered three more writing books. Two I ordered as part of this new group I joined following the Marshall Plan. Apparently, I am going to write a novel in a short amount of time…I don’t expect to follow through with it, but I am going to at least give it a go. Now I am just waiting for the books to show up. I did do my first assignment…I write Police Procedurals. That’s it…that was my first assignment, define my genre.

I just realized that our City/County web page sucks ass. Seriously it is like they threw up in a template and published it. And why was I looking at the City/County web page? I was looking up the library hours because I was going to run up there if they were open, which they aren’t so it doesn’t really matter now.


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