Monday, July 31, 2006

There is no reward to taking a vacation

I am fairly certain that, when looking at an online baby announcement, when you see the baby your reaction is not supposed to be a shudder, followed by “Oh, Jesus Christ!” Yet, that was my reaction when seeing little Mylee.

There is no reward to taking a vacation. You know the term “Mountain of Paperwork”? I hate that freaking term, because, I mean really, who has a mountain of paper work? Yeah. I did. Seriously, I had a mountain of binders on my guest chair, paperwork stacked about six inches high and I am missing some progress reports. It took me all day to get through last Thursday. Tomorrow, I have to do Friday and Monday, plus try to squeeze in tomorrow itself. I would like to take Cari and strangle her. She scheduled nine fucking people to come in tonight. We don’t have room for five! Let alone that today is the last day of the month, which means tomorrow is the first day of the month. On the first day of the month, the bill needs to be done for DOC. That means that I have to have all of my reports in. Monty got the number wideled down to 6. 6! It’s almost as bad as 9! I have to go in first thing, do my Pop Report then enter 6 fuckers into the db so that I can email the reports to Kim. Ugh!

I started my new schedule today. So far, so good. Of course it helped that I was done with dinner by 5 o’clock. Actually that gave me time to put my new license plates on, fix Mom’s table and check my email, which according to the schedule is to begin in 24 minutes. It also helped that I got up ½ hour early to exercise. Actually I am supposed to be exercising right now too…but baby steps. I figure, Tuesday and Thursday I will do two work outs, abs and cardio. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will do cardio in the morning. It’s a plan.

I did something stupid. Which isn’t new, but yet it is. I ordered three more writing books. Two I ordered as part of this new group I joined following the Marshall Plan. Apparently, I am going to write a novel in a short amount of time…I don’t expect to follow through with it, but I am going to at least give it a go. Now I am just waiting for the books to show up. I did do my first assignment…I write Police Procedurals. That’s it…that was my first assignment, define my genre.

I just realized that our City/County web page sucks ass. Seriously it is like they threw up in a template and published it. And why was I looking at the City/County web page? I was looking up the library hours because I was going to run up there if they were open, which they aren’t so it doesn’t really matter now.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

that was a nice sorprender

This week begins my new schedule. I am going to get up 1/2 hour early so that I can do the gazelle for 15-20 minutes. Then, after dinner, I have to exercise again and do all my emails that day instead of just shoving them into the To Do folder. I had to go through 30+ emails today. I also have to start writing again. Mom read somewhere that if you do something consistently for 21 days, you are more likely to keep doing it. Tomorrow is day 1.

I was worried that with how crazy last week was, I wouldn't loose any weight, but I did loose a pound so that is good. I fully expected to gain so that was a nice sorprender.

So why was last week so crazy? Well my sister and her family came for a visit and they showed up a day early! I had so many plans for last Sunday, but then Saturday night she called and said “We’re leaving tonight. See you for breakfast tomorrow.” It was crazy. Everything that I had planned went right out the window. Including work. I was going to work Monday and Tuesday and take Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off…but instead I worked Monday and took the rest the week off. Big mistake. That was way too much time with my family. I knew that my sister’s first husband was a total dick, but I didn’t realize that this one could be such an asshole until he made my mom cry. Not like burst out in tears in front of everyone cry, but a few tears escape in the car on the way to the museum cry. Fucker. Nothing was right while they were here according to him. The kids didn’t eat enough, don’t go outside it’s too hot and you might get dirty (the kids are boys and they are supposed to be dirty), you’re not drinking enough, stop screaming, eat more, can’t you act like your 24 instead of 4. Seriously, he rode my oldest nephew (4) so much. No matter what he did, it wasn’t good enough or was wrong. It really pissed me off. I even had to ride in the car alone with him and tried to start a conversation and it went absolutely nowhere. It was very frustrating. They left yesterday, after lunch, which was about 5 hours earlier than originally planned.

So what did we do with those 5 hours? We went to Evel Knievel days, which was hot and nothing was really going on. We really just went to see the Vietnam Memorial Wall Replica. Then we gambled, and then we got groceries. Then we tried to stay up to watch the fireworks, which were supposed to start at 10:30 and by 10:45 I gave up and went to bed, then just as I was falling asleep at 11:30 the fucking things started going off…so I got up and watched them for a few minutes, then said, “Screw this, I’m going to bed”. And today has been pretty much doing little things in preparation to start my new schedule tomorrow. So now I am off to organize more.

Movie Plot Generator #2

Rutger Hauer stars as Cade McQueen, a cop who doesn’t play by the rules. When, Cade’s daughter Zoe (Hilary Duff) is gunned down, he goes deep undercover in the karaoke world to find the murderer. This gripping crime drama is set to an all-star soundtrack including Journey, Survivor and mega stars Air Supply. Randy Quaid and Katie Holms co-star.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday 13 #3

Thirteen Movies I Have Watched Repeatedly

Grease 2
Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo
Top Gun
Fast Forward
Jewel of the Nile
The Day After Tomorrow
Coyote Ugly
Bad Boys
King Arthur
Pirates of the Caribbean

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I hate that name...

Do you ever have one of those days where everything is going along just fine and then all of the sudden one comment brings your day down? Well that happened to me today, only it wasn't a comment it was a name. Kim. I hate that name. I always have. Long story short, she doesn't do much work now and she just got a new position where I am sure she will do even less work. That and I can't shake the thought that someone put in my head about her either blowing the boss or doing the boss or both. I think that thought is making me feel this weird way more than her getting the job. I knew she was going to get it...I was just holding out 3oz of hope that she wouldn't. Nothing is "official" yet...but the writing is on the wall.

Other than that, my day was good. There was some talk about having a staff meeting next Thursday, which sucks because we had one last week and sucks more because I am on vacation next Thursday and I would probably have to make a trip in to attend. I wouldn't get OT because well I am on vacation. Mom was all "what would they do if you were in Vegas?" Which is a good point, but she also needs to realize that I don't necessarily mind going in for the meeting. I am the one who is in charge of taking notes and getting the minutes done, which is fine, I am used to doing it. I enjoy doing it and I don't trust anyone else to take good notes. She has to go into a meeting next Thursday as well, which if I go in, leaves my sister and her family alone, but it is not like she is a stranger. I don't care if they go through my underwear drawer. I said to my mom a few weeks ago..."what if you were in Vegas?" She didn't respond. She just said that she has to go it...well so might I.

I have so much to do and it seems I have little time to do it. Oh well, that is my life and right now, I kind of like it.

Thursday 13 #2

Thirteen Random Songs on My MP3 Player

1. Human Touch - Rick Springfield

2. Hummingbird - Seals & Croft

3. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

4. Heartbreaker - Dionne Warwick

5. I Want You - Savage Garden

6. Keep on Loving You - REO Speedwagon

7. Land of Confusion - Distured & Genesis

8. Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

9. Dancing Queen - Abba

10. One Night Man - Ricky Martin

11. Rockin' the Paradise - Styx

12. Twist of Fate - Olivia Newton John

13. Reproduction - Grease 2 Cast

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Where is it?

So I was thinking a lot about my last job today. Actually just on the ride home, but still I thought about it most of the way home. Then I thought about how a year ago, I was jobless and sitting at home watching soap operas all day doing basically nothing. I think the construction on the drive home took me back to my long commute with the last job. This commute is so much easier, no curves, one pass that basically amounts to ¼ of the major pass on the old commute was an hour each way, two hours out of my day, plus that hour that they call lunch, but in reality was just letting you out of the building on a long leash. This job? Twenty minute commute each way, 8-4, paid and provided lunch. Sure there is no air conditioning and today I was almost sticking to my chair because it is so freaking hot. And, yeah there are bugs, big dragon flies, that for the most part keep to themselves, and moths, which I am enormously afraid of. And yesterday there was a bat, and a bee. But, 8 hours of that is so much better than the last job. All that, plus I get to do something that I really do love.

I am so freaking impatient. I ordered a dvd last week and I still haven’t gotten it yet. I ordered the dvd and a book and the book came yesterday. Like I really need either. The video I can’t find anywhere to rent, so I had to buy it. The book is of Jack Vetriano’s paintings.

Two days in a row now, I have exercised, so I am proud of myself for that. Doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A romance that isn't

I have done something that I thought I would never do….

I bought and started to read a Harlequin romance novel.

I don’t know what happened. One minute I am looking for a Ridley Pearson book to complete my collection and the next thing I know, I have picked up a baby name book and am staring at romance novels. Then, as I am paying, I realize that I actually found one that piqued my interest. Oddly enough, I go outside to find that in fact hell is not freezing over as the temperature is soaring into the high 80s. Which, for a girl in Montana, is freaking hot.

I was going to try really hard this year to just deal with the heat and not complain about it…it’s not working. I like the summer months because the highways are not snowy and icy…but I hate the heat. It makes you all sweaty and sticky for no reason. It brings out bugs and allergies. For me, it is miserable. I keep wondering if skinny people are more comfortable than larger people in the summer. One day, I might find out the answer.

A Harlequin book? Really? Oh, I don’t know what is happening to me.

Well since dinner was disgusting, I am going to blow some points on cereal.

Movie Plot Generator #1

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You...

Scott Baio stars as a gangsta rapper, Sugar Lite who challenges the social mores of upper class societ to win the heart of the high school dream boat, Lana Riberio played by singing star Mariah Carey. Hector Elizondo co-stars as Alfonso Riberio, Lana's dad an influential city councilman determined to bring an end to gangsta rap. Willie Aames co-stars as Dr. Pepper, Sugar Lite's manager.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Magazine Whore...

I am a magazine whore. I just spent over $30 on magazines. I got the usual, Soap Opera Digest, US Weekly, People and In Touch. Then I picked up Ok!, TV Guide, & Life & Style. Then my volumes were out, Legacy and Inspirations. I haven’t even read Somerset Studios yet and now I have Legacy and Inspirations. To make it even worse, I just organized them as in what order to read them…Ok!, TV Guide, Life & Style, In Touch, Us Weekly, People, Soap Opera Digest, Legacy, Inspirations. I am a dork.

Speaking of my dorkiness, because I am so unpopular, I have decided to do a blog at blogspot…and still keep up my old Open Diary...for a while anyways...

The address, for the uninterested is…

I woke up this morning thinking that it was Saturday. I got up, turned off the alarm, turned off the fan, went pee and crawled back into bed, where I realized that the other bathroom light was on and I was like “Why is the light on so early on Saturday?” I rolled over in bed, snuggled in and then realized that I had not yet lived Friday. So, I got out of bed, reset the alarm and crawled back into bed for 20 minutes. Then I lived Friday.

The plan for the weekend is to go grocery and drug shopping, head to Anaconda for Art in the Park, back home, lunch, clean, take a nap, read my magazines…maybe, just maybe do the brother sister page in my uncle’s scrapbook and just take the weekend as it comes.

I started Weight Watchers…again. So far, I have lost 3 pounds. I weigh in on Sunday and am hoping to reach the 5 pound loss. I have to start exercising this week. I was supposed to start two weeks ago, then last week and now I have to. It does no good otherwise.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday 13 #1

Thirteen Things about Lady Penguin

1. Lady Penguin is not my real name

2. I have had 9 jobs since I graduated from college

3. I have liked 3 of my 9 jobs

4. I miss my baby boy Ike more than anyone will ever know

5. I like Barry Manilow and Marilyn Manson

6. I live at home with my best friend

7. My best friend is my mom

8. I might not be able to have children

9. I work in know, criminals

10. I love hockey

11. VH1 and CBS are my two favorite channels

12. I read fan fiction

13. I am on a diet

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